September 30, 2008

I’ve moved

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If anyone is still following this…I am now at

April 13, 2008

Prayer request

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My precious 9 year-old cousin passed away this morning. Please be in prayer for my family during this difficult time.  She was a lifelong liver transplant patient, but her early death still comes as a terrible shock. She fought so long, and so hard.  She was deeply loved.

How can she be gone already?

March 29, 2008

The neighbors think we’re kooky

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March 10, 2008

Maybe not back in the saddle, but we’re at least in the stirrups

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So, yeah. Life has taken some extremely unexpected twists and turns these last few months. If I know you and you would like to updated on the more personal side of things, drop me a comment or an email and I’ll send you the link to my “private” blog to get you up to speed.

Homeschooling has taken a bit of a back seat lately, as we took an unexpected road trip to Seattle, and our house and life in general have been in a shambles. We’re getting back in the groove now, and are FINALLY finishing up our coral reefs unit. This week, between reading, finishing up coral reefs, and the boys excitement about Easter, we’re combining our regular curriculum with a bunch of crafty Easter stuff, as well as making the Easter lapbook from Little Laplinks.

I’m feeling a bit of a time crunch as getting through the rest of this year’s curriculum is pretty important to my hubby, and all of a sudden spring and summer are just around the corner. Time to get cookin’!

January 31, 2008


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Sorry to have disappeared on everyone. We are going through a very difficult family situation right now, and blogging just isn’t a priority at the moment. Thanks for understanding, and I’ll let you know when I’m back.

January 17, 2008

Happy birthday to meeeee!

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31 years old today…wheee! For my birthday, I get to go to Nashville to meet up with some of my WAH girls! It’s seriously the best birthday present ever. I’ve known some of these ladies for 6+ years, so it’s going to be so great to actually be together in person. I’m driving to St. Louis tonight, and then on to Nashville in the morning. Pray for safe travel, and for me, because I have a horrific headache that needs to go away!

January 16, 2008

Moosetrails on the move

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I miss the flexibility of having my own domain, so this blog will be moving shortly to It’s not set up yet, so stick around here until I say otherwise, but hopefully you won’t mind changing your links and following the moose trail! :)

January 15, 2008

Oceans of fun

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Oh look! An actual post about homeschooling!

Dr. Moose brought the book Reef home for the boys the other night, after they got to check out all of their daddy’s SCUBA gear, which has been collecting dust in the attic since the beginning of med school eight years ago. They have been pouring over the book ever since, taking it to bed with them at night, and obsessing about creatures of the deep.

And, since this is one of the many joys of homeschooling (which definitely outweigh the challenges), we’re skipping ahead in our curriculum to our oceans unit, right past rainforests, woods, and deserts. It’s nice to be able to explore what they’re interested in right now, and not have to say “well, we don’t get to that until week 23”. So, starting today, we’re diving into deep waters and exploring our oceans! (This is our curriculum, if anyone is interested).

January 14, 2008


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It is in the hardest moments of our lives that we become most aware of the incredible power of prayer, of God’s faithfulness, and of the love of friends. For those that I am so blessed to call friend – thank you. Thank you for being there and encouraging me and showing me that hope is never gone. Thank you for reminding of God’s constant work and presence in my life. I love each and every one of you. So so so much.

January 11, 2008

Return to normalcy

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Now that the post-Christmas craziness has worn off and things are settling back towards “normal” (as normal as they get, anyways), we’re working on getting back into our homeschool routine. I’m taking a little break from our whole curriculum and doing a reading-intensive focus with Brother Moose right now. Between getting our house ready to put on the market, dealing with some of our own personal issues, Doctor Moose working working working, and me getting ready to head out of town for a girlfriends weekend, it’s nice to have the flexibility to shelve the parts that feel overwhelming right now as far as our curriculum goes. The boys are anxious to get back into our rainforest studies, but that’s going to wait one more  week. We’re also reading the Magic Treehouse books as a family, which is lots of fun, and it’s neat seeing the boys make connections between the books and things we’ve studied in school.  I’m so thrilled that Brother Moose is finally READING, and he’s pretty stinking proud of himself, too, which is kind of fun to see.

I’ve been carving out a little time for myself to work on some of my scrapbooking. It’s been a long time since I’ve had time to work on some of my own projects, so it’s a nice treat. I’ve also pulled my art/spiritual journal back out, and have been some art entries with my watercolor pencils, which is very therapeutic and is a great way for me to express some of what I’m learning through my Bible studies right now.

Dr. Moose finally has a little time off this weekend, so we’re going to finish painting our dining room and laying the new floor. The living room has been finished since before Christmas, but we just haven’t had time to do the dining room. It will be nice to be able to enjoy some of these home improvement projects for a little while before the big move. June is creeping up on us awfully quickly. Dr. Moose will be heading down sometime in the next few weeks to start working on the design for his clinic and hiring staff – how crazy and exciting!

My birthday is on Thursday, and I get to spend my birthday weekend in Tennessee with my Women at Home girls, and I can’t wait!

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